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Craftic Resin Mold Maker

Make Replica of Your Own Resin Mold!

-Simply put anything that your want duplicates
-Preserve every precious detail
-Perfect for any shapes and patterns
-Easy application


Make Replica of Your Own Resin Mold!

-Simply put anything that your want duplicates
-Preserve every precious detail
-Perfect for any shapes and patterns
-Easy application

What Make Us Different

Duplicate ANY Shapes & Objects

Instantly replicate any resin mold design you want! All it takes is to cast the mold and our proprietary wax. Easily, replica of the same resin craft is built!

Preserve Every Precious Detail

The unique mold gel captures every fine lines and curves for your beloved resin craft. Our maker enables stronger mold for better detail. No other way is as effective as this maker in replicating the perfect resin design!

Easy Usage

The casting kit come with easy to follow step-by-step written instructions. Easily, the perfect resin replica can be built in a snap!

Customer Reviews

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John Lange
Super easy to use

I got this to make molds of dominos as I cant find any bigger than a double six. It was super easy to use and so far its cured very quickly, I just left it out overnight. It came out very easily as well, nothing getting caught or snagging. Its still pretty sticky but Im just going to let it sit a while longer to see if that goes away. Overall my only complaint is that it didnt come in a bigger size because it took the entire set just to make this one mold.

No issues with UV Resin

I found this product very easy to use, and I have never made silicone molds before! I saw a lot of concerns with not being able to use it with UV resin, but I did it anyway. And its worked amazing-no issues. I should mention though, when I make my pieces I dome them upward, so I only do one small layer in the mold and finish the piece outside the mold. So theyre only being used a short period of time under the lamp. That being said idk how this might hold up with larger pieces needing a longer cure time.But overall Im pleased with the finished product. No bubbles, no odor.

Cured well

First time making this type of mold. Super excited mixed well, even let it sit to cure 24 before remolding!

Easy to use, sets way faster than instructions claim!

Bought these to make a resin mold to make key caps for my keyboard. Super simple to use. Instructions say it takes 12-24 hours to set but every mold Ive made so far has completely set in about 75 minutes. Ive had no issues with bubbles no working their own way out as the mold cures either.My only dislike is if youre creating molds in a cylinder like a cup or something, the top of the molds like to create a convexd shape so if youre making a 2 piece mold you need to make it so whatever youre creating a mold of is on the bottom, sitting on a flat surface or it wont cure flat enough to layer in a 2nd piece with to a flat surface for a sharp/accurate replica with little to no trimming needed.

I absolutely LOVE this!

I was a little scared to use it at first because I had never used any kind of mold maker but it was just as easy as using resin. There were a ton of bubbles and I was worried about that but it seems as though they all came to the top and dissolved properly. I've already used 3 of the molds I made with resin and I am happy with the finished products. The bubbles were from my resin. I was just doing a test pour so I didn't really give my resin time to de-gas. I will buy this product again most definitely.

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Materials: Silicone; Net Content: 100g